Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still More Red Showing

Our little imature male is getting more of his ruby throat color in. He is getting harassed by the new mature male that showed up a few days ago. There are a lot more hummingbirds than we have had in previous months. These are in a rush to pack on the needed weight in preparation for their migration.

On the Survey Help Needed post you can check the comments to see if there will be a need for you to keep you feeders out and well supplied. We have had reports from Northern Indiana, Northwest Mississippi, North Carolina and Maine. They are still having a lot of hummingbirds access their feeders. If you are South of those states please keep your feeders out and well supplied. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT shot!!! Everyone seems to take down their feeders around Sept. 1st, here in Colorado. I have kept mine up, and have seen at least one hungry traveler, each day. Candace