Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bye Papa!

In early spring the male was always present protecting the feeder from hummingbirds that were not part of his family, but just as soon as his babies left the nest, he left. He is no longer around. Now it is just the female who fights off any one accessing the feeder that is not part of her family. She sure is protective. Goodbye papa.


Anonymous said...

Hope he comes back next mating season
I have one coming to the feeder you made from a bamboo stick. I wish I knew if it is a male or female.

Víctor González Solano said...

A oscuras

¿Para qué la claridad
si la oscuridad me lo da todo?
me da tu piel para que las ganas se viertan
y mis manos se pierdan en ella.
Me da unos labios a pedir de boca
y la oportunidad de besarte
sin cerrar los ojos.
Me da también la eternidad del tiempo
que Cupido detiene
para que la noche sea inmortal.
¿para qué la claridad, amor,
si la oscuridad nos los da todo?.

Víctor González Solano
Barranquilla, Colombia

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful picture---do you sell them???